Monday, 29 September 2008

Snuggle buddies

Being the MediaWatch editor has been like standing at a bus stop recently. Nothing for ages then two come along together.

Anyway, today's mention is from Matthew Norman's Media Diary:
If the political historians of tomorrow ever need a hint (and where would they look if not here?) as to how Gordon Brown survived so long in office, they might consider the touching friendship between Sarah Brown and Sun editor Rebekah Wade. The Sun's continuing support for Gordon is, on the face of it, against the form book and interests of a paper whose political raison d'être is to wait until Rupert Murdoch decides who will win the next general election and become the future PM's most zealous cheerleader, allowing itself to claim credit for the victory and add to the leverage with which Mr Murdoch bullied Mr Tony Blair into promising a referendum on the Euro. Currently, there is little doubt as to who that next PM will be, and less as to who it won't be.

For this insight we can thank Mr Murdoch's own imperial proconsul Irwin Stelzer, who describes Gordon as "finished". Yet still The Sun backs a certain loser. I've had a think about this curiosity, factoring in Mr Murdoch's fabled inverted snobbery about Old Etonians and other potential influences, but the only explanation that makes any sense is that Rebekah, champion ingratiator of a cloyingly incestuous journo-political age, goes to Sarah's "slumber parties" at Chequers.

Touching as it is to imagine the ladies huddled up under the duvet eating Häagen-Dazs, watching Sex And The City DVDs and giggling about the awfulness of men* (see Ross Kemp, below), and delightful as her personal loyalty might be, you wonder how she will respond when the order comes, as come it surely will, to swing behind David Cameron. Presumably, by palling up with Samantha Cameron, and swapping pyjama parties at Chequers for "Come To the Opening Of An Envelope!" soirées at Smythson's in New Bond Street.

*Thank you Matthew, for that truly awful vision.

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