Monday, 8 September 2008

Musa Ahmet's 'sick' YouTube video

Today the Sun runs an article about a 'sick joke' perpetrated on YouTube by Musa Ahmet, the brother of Atilla Ahmet (background):

"The brother of an al-Qaeda terrorist has posted a sick joke video on YouTube — boasting about making a bomb... Last night families of 7/7 London terror attack victims called for the clip to be taken off the website."

1. This just in: evil is real and it runs in the blood!

2. Also, pay no attention to the fact that Musa's brother Atilla Ahmet started speaking out against hate after he got away from his extremist gang and began studying the Qur'an for himself in his cell. Seriously, put it out of your mind. It's not information that you need if your goal is to demonise his relatives in order to scare and anger people for the sake of political gain and profit.

I've asked the writer who penned this how exactly these family members first discovered this video and I await an answer with interest, but the smart money is on these already-traumatised people seeing this only because some 'journalist' confronted them with it, just to get a reaction.

Now, humour is reliant on delivery. Some context would be nice, too.

So it's a pity that the Sun (who started this) and the Telegraph (who copied it) didn't respect their readers enough to link to the video or feature it on their site as they have done so many times in the past when they were shocked (shocked, do you hear me?) about this footage or that and everybody exploiting it (bar themselves, obviously).

I present the video below, along with a link to Musa Ahmet's YouTube channel, so OUR readers may see the video and determine for themselves how much truth there is to the Sun's account:

I also invite you to be shocked and outraged by a very similar 'sick joke' perpetrated by yours truly;

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DAVE BONES said...

Nice one Tim

Sabreman64 said...

The Sun are taking the piss here, surely.

The Sun said: "He then appears to fiddle with components out of view before holding up a sign with “Deadly Bomb” scribbled above a crude sketch of a device."

"Crude sketch of a device"? The sketch is the clich├ęd cartoon image of a bomb, for heaven's sake. How any journalist could take such a drawing seriously, I don't know.

Tim said...

That's nothing. Last night I played this sick game with my kids, where we would draw a crude picture of someone being strangled every time someone lost a round.

Follow this sick link if you would like to play this sick game.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

Tim, I can't believe there are weirdos in the world who would encourage impressionable people to play such a sick game as that.

Or this one here.

Sick filth.

Tim said...


Well, I'm sick enough to say that's a hell of a find, 5cc.

DAVE BONES said...

Here is Musa replying to this in his own words at my house the other day.