Monday, 15 September 2008

Money for old rope

Jon Gaunt really is a lazy so-and-so.

A couple of weeks ago I covered a Gaunty column where he filled his entire page with a reader's letter. This week he's responded to developments in the debate on immigration, with a lengthy rant about how Britain is full™, which is an almost word-for-word copy of a column he published back in February.

In both articles he uses the usual watery language so beloved by migration obsessed columnists: referring to immigrants "swamping Britain", how they're "pouring into the country", and how government strategies do "nothing to stem the flow of migrants". Water is a useful analogy in reference to migration, as it conveys an unstoppable force and the lethal reality of drowning.

Such loaded language is potent, but it's also incredibly lazy as it's usually used in lieu of reasoned argument. An interesting drinking game (no pun intended), might be to listen to an anti-migration rant and then down a shot every time a watery verb is employed. I guarantee you'll be pissed before long.

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Sim-O said...

Hey! It wasn't laziness on Jons' part - It's just that it was such a good article it deserved a second outing.

Repeat often enough, and people will soon take notice.