Sunday 1 March 2009

Skeptics vs The Sun

You may or may not be aware of the weekly science Podcast "The Skeptics Guide to the Universe".

In this week's episode (#188) (mp3 link, starting at 21:32) amongst the usual stories, the commentators have a go at the Sun's coverage of scientific issues, specifically its recent articles about "Atlantis" appearing on Google Earth and Cat-Boy.

The Sun doesn't get favourable coverage. Its Atlantis coverage is accused of faking a quote from an expert (Dr Charles Orser) and due to the Cat-Boy report the Sun gets labelled as being the UK's version of the Weekly World News, i.e. it has no credibility what so ever regarding science.


Tom Evans said...

Excellent: I was going to email you this, but someone beat me to it!

SGU is a fantastic show.

Tim said...

Faking a quote from an expert. This, so recently after quoting a faking expert. Tch. They'll be experting a quote faking next, just you watch.

(We need a science writer at some stage. Let's assign the task or advertise after we tidy the place up a bit.)

Unknown said...


I listen to it every week.

Thanks though.