Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Bombs over London.

Here's the by no means hysterical and scaremongering image used by the Sun to illustrate their reporting of the government's new anti-terrorist strategy document:

This is of course the same newspaper that has supported to the hilt every liberty diluting anti-terror measure since 9/11, going so far as to call those who opposed 90 days detention without charge for "terrorist suspects" traitors. That is it so willing to imagine such horrors perhaps suggests that it almost has a desire for them to happen.

Update: added link, which I rather foolishly had forgot.


Anonymous said...

No big surprise to hear a soundbite on LBC news just now from a Tory MP who supports Jacqboots' latest draconian measures. His name? Patrick Mercer, friend of soi-disant "intelligence expert" Glen Jenvey.

Tim said...

Patrick Mercer has issued a statement regarding his relationship with our Glen, and I don't think it's fair or accurate to describe him as a friend of Jenvey.

However, it's entirely fair to suggest that he should exercise more caution before issuing comments on terror stories in future.