Thursday, 5 March 2009

Bigger and Better: Mail Watch

In a break from convention, this post has nothing to do with the Sun. I doubt this will happen very often, but if you're a regular reader of this blog, then you will probably be interested in another blog that does for the Daily Mail what we do here for the Sun.

The site is called Mail Watch and was started by BigDaddyMerk over four years ago, but has recently had a big shake up and has now been relaunched, in a similar style to The Sun Lies. As Tim explains:
The purpose of the site is simple; editors will be quietly documenting outright lies peddled by the Daily Mail, and seeking to bring this culture of fear and falsehood to the attention of those Mail readers curious enough to use a search engine or browse the evil underground world of weblogs.

Mail Watch has a fearsome array of editors and the extra dimension of a forum so should prove to be a valuable tool and resource as well as an entertaining read.

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Tim said...

And I promise that now that's built, you'll see a lot more of me around here.


It's about time to tidy the old girl up and get our first A4 insert going.