Friday, 13 March 2009

"Satan's footprints"

A few weeks ago I showed that the Sun isn't a reliable source for science.

It now has another article in which it can be seen that its standards for science can be classed as lacking: Satan's footprints spotted in Devon.

The Sun has a photograph that was taken by an old lady in Devon of some footprints in snow. Naturally the Sun goes for the most obvious explation - that they are the marks of Lucifer himself - and states that "scientists" from the Centre for Fortean Zoology are investigating. Unfortunately, the Centre deals in cryptozoology, which is a psuedo-science which completely destroys the credibility of the article.

The Sun also states that the lady claims she "discovered the Devil’s footprints". However, the quote from her merely shows that she doesn't know it is and would like to know.

The Sun admits that it is a coven hoof, and so most likely explanation is that it is an animal of some sort.

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Anonymous said...

Oi, lay off the CFZ - they're good folks, and while I'd quibble with some of their beliefs, they do spend an awful lot of time slogging around the world doing good solid zoology.