Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Letter writing "Islamic fanatics" disappear.

As Tim notes, less than a week after publishing claims that Alan Sugar was among a number of "top Jews" due to be targeted by "hate-filled extremists", the Sun's front page article of the 7th of January has mysteriously vanished from the web. As it seems unlikely that the paper will have willing accepted that it was a tissue of lies from start to finish, concocted by its journalists with the help of a supposed former spy called Glen Jenvey, either lawyers have already made contact with the paper or the Press Complaints Commission is presumably investigating and has requested it be taken down for the time being.

The damage though has already been done, as previously stated. Hundreds of sites either reproduced or slightly altered the Sun's story without so much as even doing a cursory check of the facts, which would have only involved visiting the Ummah.com site and looking for the thread in question, which was hardly difficult to find. Those stories will remain up, even when the original has disappeared down the memory hole.

Update: Jon Swaine, who wrote the Telegraph's follow-up report on the Sun's story, emails in:


I thought it might be helpful to point out that my take on the Sun's story for telegraph.co.uk is top of the Google News list linked to in your latest post on this subject.

And while your main point - that barely anyone bothered to check the details before ripping off the Sun - clearly stands, in fact I did wait until contacting Sajid at the forum and my story does make clear that it was a call to start a 'polite letter-writing campaign', rather than anything more sinister.

Given that my story is top of the list you link to, and may be read first by your readers, I thought there might be a better way of illustrating your point - eg linking directly to the Mail, PA, Guardian etc versions of the story, which indeed faithlessly reproduce the Sun interpretation.

More than happy to oblige.


punkscience said...

I complained to the PCC about it, citing both yours and Tim's investigative work. Which ruled.

Leon1234 said...

Hey, I really love your blog Thank you for keeping this alive.

Kid Penfold said...

Jenvey turns up on the File on 4 episode 'Combatting the Extremists' - it's available as a podcast from the Radio 4 website and iTunes. Might be worth a listen.

No Sleep 'Til Brooklands said...

I was just trying to update my own blog to belatedly take account of the deletion, and figured I'd include your link to the Daily Mail's version, it seems that has now gone too. Can't find anything using the search function.

septicisle said...

So it has. Nice spot.