Friday, 28 November 2008

Reasons to hate the Sun pt. 94.

Never let a terrible tragedy go by without trying to politically profit from it:

THE terror of innocent people caught up in the Mumbai massacre is unimaginable.

It looks certain to be the work of Muslim fanatics, probably al-Qaeda.

As the world shares India’s agony, once again we are confronted with the truth about terrorism.

It is a global curse on civilisation, and the civilised world has to stand together to fight it.

These co-ordinated attacks will have taken months of planning.

Those who object to long detention for British terror suspects should reflect on that.

Yep, attacks in India most likely carried out by individuals from the Middle East are why we ought to have 42-day detention without charge here. There's nothing quite like partisanship and trying to prove yourself right at all costs, is there?

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Unknown said...

I'm thinking that the government has the same idea...