Thursday, 27 November 2008

Being offensive

The Guardian:
A cheeky ad by the Sun gloating about Britain winning more medals than Australia at the Beijing Olympics, using a twist on Australia "Where the bloody hell are you?" tourism, has been banned by the advertising regulator.

The ad featured as a giant billboard on a truck comparing Britain's 19 Beijing gold medals alongside Australia's 14 with the strapline "Where the bloody hell were you?".

One complaint was received by the Advertising Standards Authority that the language in the ad was offensive and could be seen by children.


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

It's funny but I don't find that offensive, daft, silly, pointless and crass but not offensive.

Does that make me evil?

Sim-O said...

Of all the people to see that, only one sufficiently enraged to complain.

If it does make you evil, you're not alone.

eric the fish said...

Is it not referring to the Oz tourism ad on TV which says something like 'We've opened the gate (cue gate in middle of desert)and ends with 'where the bloody hell are you?' Thus, why would it be banned if the ASA did not pull the TV one.

I would've thought the billboard was only there for a bit just to get a pic in the Bun.

Lummee, now Visa-expiring barmen get your soaraway truth truck banned!

Sim-O said...

Hi Eric.
There were complaints about the TV ads, but the Agency rejected them saying
The ATB argued that the ads' colloquial language and irreverent manner reflected the Australian national character. (source)

hmm. It's ok for the Austrailians because they're a bunch of cheeky sweary bastards, eh?

Tim said...

Effing A.

Mind your comments about visas though, lads. At least until my fake passport comes through.