Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Gordon Smart: Travel Advisor

Two words: Gordon. Smart.

No Rock and Roll Fun:
If nobody turns up to do anything interesting in the UK, there's always Amy Winehouse to fall back on:

Amy's off to isle of druggies


.RECOVERING junkie AMY WINEHOUSE is planning a change of scenery — by moving to druggie paradise Jamaica.

No, I'm sure The Sun checked that that is the official tourism slogan the country is using right now.

God, Jamaica sounds terrible:

The Rehab singer, 25, wants to record her hugely-delayed third album on the Caribbean island where illegal drugs are known to be widely available.
The label is “fully aware” Jamaica is awash with drugs like crack cocaine and cannabis.

What a horrible sounding place - awash with drugs, you say. It's slightly odd, then, that last summer the Sun's travel column was recommending the island as a place for a jolly holiday, isn't it?

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Unknown said...

I saw a programme on Jamaica a few weeks ago. It featured the some of the poor of Jamaica, and it showed how they had to get up at the crack of dawn and do back-breaking work all day just so they had enough food/money to survive.
I wonder how these people would feel if they knew that certain 'journalists' in Britain were suggesting that they do nothing but sit around on their a*ses smoking pot all day.