Thursday, 21 August 2008

More history

All sorts of stuff is being dragged out of The Suns' history books at the moment. First up is from our very own septicisle who, on his own blog compares The Sun's attitude to Jade Goody 18 months apart:

20 January 2007:
She has left the house with her true personality laid bare: A vile, pig-ignorant, racist bully consumed by envy of a woman of superior intelligence, beauty and class. Incredible as it may seem, last night’s vote was the most important in Britain since the last General Election.

19 August 2008:
Get well Jade: Your messages

PLEASE post your messages of support and goodwill for BB legend Jade Goody

More here.

And for seconds, a little nugget from the Eye regarding one of The Suns' columnists and ex-editor, Kelvin MacKenzie:

Private Eye 20/08/08
Some people just can't help but twist the knife.


Unknown said...

Ha, the Jade Goody piece had me snorting with derision. The Sun really is the most abhorrent, manipulative rag.

On a broader note: I have only just discovered (and swiftly bookmarked) this site. It is good to see someone taking on the repulsive Murdoch and his revolting empire. I’m not sure how you will manage to attract regular readers of The Sun but I certainly wish you luck.

Anonymous said...

They further pushed the boundaries of cynical manipulation in Fridays paper, where at the bottom of an article about 'Jades' struggle' etc, there was, slightly separated from the main text, an invitation to log on and see the moment Jade was told of her condition, presumably over and over again.

Actually it hadn't even occurred to me that the whole thing might be a publicity stunt until a couple of friends said they almost certainly thought it was. I was shocked at first, but after a few seconds had to conclude that it's an entirely plausible assumption...