Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Editor : poons (Beat: Jeremy Clarkson)

Who am I?
My nick is poons living in Worcester. Started blogging after a call by Tim back in June 2004. Read more than I write these days, but now I have a new focus.

A new focus you say?
Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson. Petrol head and hater of all things green. Clarkson writes a weekly column in The Sun which is lightweight and frivolous at best. I'm here to keep an eye on his claims.

Clarkson is a Murdoch babe (He also has a regular column in The Times). He uses his fame and notoriety to further a right wing agenda without any thought for the contradictory views. I suspect that my input to this blog will be occasional - weekly at best, but I will be scrutinising his claims with regards to Global Warming and Traffic legislation and highlighting where Jezza is not being totally honest.

Why this beat?
Difficult one this. If the truth be known I actually find Clarkson to be a witty and entertaining writer. I abhor his political standpoint, but there is something likeable about him and for that reason alone, because I suspect that other left leaning readers probably think the same, I feel his claims need further investigation. As to my expertise, I am well aware that Google is my friend.


Tim said...

Good on you, poons. Lovely choice, too.

itslefty said...

The problem we have with so called witty presenters is the fact that they seem to be able to get away with bullying, having a laugh at somebody else's expense is what bullies do well, that is why I don't think he's very funny at all.