Monday, 13 July 2009

The Sun: supporting Our Boys by stealing their footage!

Another dismal leader in the Sun today, supporting the unwinnable war in Afghanistan to the hilt by claiming that leaving the country to the Taliban will obviously mean that the bombs killing "Our Boys" out there will quickly be coming here

More interesting though is a video clip which the Sun are predictably claiming as an exclusive, showing British troops in action near the Inkerman base in Helmand province and which they've slapped their logo on.

The Sun has in fact stolen the footage, as you might have expected. It was first posted on Liveleak on the 7th of July by someone called campbell. The Sun has simply cut it so that only the video and not the identifiers remain. Nice work, and doubtless whoever campbell is will be contacted so that he can paid for the paper using his video without permission.

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onthenightrain said...

I think that this is the same issue of the Sun where they headlined page 5 or 6 with something like 'Why we are fighting in Afghanistan', wrote one line on the reason why we are fighting there, and then filled the rest of the page with information completely irrelevant to the question of why 'Our Boys' are out there. Hopefully at least some people saw through the fact that the writers couldn't really think of the reasons themselves. Apart from of course the conveniently vague term 'terrorism', which was used to summarise the supposed rationale for the war.