Monday, 6 July 2009

Gaunty goes supernatural

I saw this next quote from Matthew Norman on the Independent's site and thought I'd have a look at Gaunty's piece for myself, see what else he said, but where once there were columnists, and there are now none. Not just the link to the columnists page removed, but the page itself now.

Anyway, here is Matthew's notes on the subject of Jacko and Gaunty... fell to Jon Gaunt to strike the perfect note in The Paedo Gazette (formerly The Sun), by fixating on the child interference angle. "It is never too late ... to send a clear warning to others that they will never get away with their heinous crimes," wrote Gaunty of a deceased man never convicted of anything. "Even in death." Precisely how he means to pursue Mr Jackson is not made clear, but the item is on its way to the Afterlife Department at Bletchley Park, and should be decoded within a fortnight.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, that was interesting. Looks like somethings will always remain mystery.

I myself has been trying to solve the mystery of the legend that forces you to have "earn it before

having it", for a wile now. Could not understand much though.

Let me know in case you get to understand the mystery of the Old Hound and the Legend

By the way, good writing style. I'd love to read more on similar topics

Anonymous said...

Man, I followed that the dark truth link, and was completely in the story. Damn exciting. The latest post talks about a friend of him who's gone missing . Somewhere on his way to Leh, India. And the guy is asking for help find it. Soundss like an online game . This looks interesting. M already hooked on.

Hey, btw, nice post you have there - keep rocking - ;)