Thursday, 21 August 2008

Bunch of Twits...

There's a story in today's Sun about how the book publisher Random House has caved in to complaints over wording in a novel aimed at teenagers. The complaints have been brought by ASDA/WalMart over a book which has been written by Dame Jacqueline Wilson.

The book question - My Sister Jodie - uses the word "twat" which has now been replaced with the word "twit".

In theory, this isn't that an unreasonable act - after all if a book is aimed at a younger age group then there should be certain levels that should be adhered to. However, from reading the BBC's report, it seems that the use of "twat" is appropriate from the context of the book and her previously published novels: she writes about social issues including "teenage pregnancy, domestic violence and failed suicides".

However, from the Sun's reporting, you would never know this.

It should also be pointed out that this act will create a collector's market for the earlier - pre-censorship - editions. Anyone want to sell me a copy?


Sim-O said...

*A* complaint. A single solitary complaint. From more that 150,000 copies being sold, it is changed for one complaint.

*walks off muttering and shaking head*

septicisle said...

Would it be too obvious to suggest that the woman responsible and the publishers for doing so are both, err, twats?