Monday, 10 October 2011

The Second Annual Media-Watchery Meetup

Do you fancy a pint?

The gang behind The-Sun-Lies, Mailwatch, Expresswatch and numerous other media watching blogs are having Their second annual Media Watch Meetup. The first one, held in August just gone was such a success they couldn't wait another twelve months so it's being held in a couple of weeks.

Do come along for a drink or two and a chat about the papers, blogging or just to say hello. Best of all it's free (apart from the beer which you'll have to pay for yourself. We're not *that* nice). There's no entrance fee and you won't need to buy anyone a beer to gain access to any of our top bloggers and you can stay as long as you want or until the pub kicks us all out. You can just turn up or or go to the Facebook event page and let us know to expect you.

So, are you coming then?

The Monarch pub, Chalk Farm Road, Camden (map).
Saturday 29th October
3pm on


DMReporter said...

At the risk of sounding pedantic I think it would be hard to get to, especially without the use of a time-machine...

sb said...

"Saturday 29th August"

You don't really mean that, although it's easily typoed. Saturday 29 October?

Sim-O said...

ah, crap.

Yeah, October. corrected now.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

so wat if the sun lies the sun also shines out of peoples @rses too