Thursday, 21 May 2009

Why can't we have this vile, sickening, twisted woman strung up?

Some really revolting journalism from the Sun concerning Baby P, yet again:

Baby Peter mum in vile mercy plea

THE vile mother of Baby P made a sick plea for mercy today - claiming she will never forgive herself for her son's death.


Twisted mum's letter

THIS is the sickening letter Baby P's mother wrote to Judge Stephen Kramer.

Vile, sick, twisted, sickening, why doesn't the paper tell us what it really thinks? More pertinently, how does the paper know that she isn't sincere? It of course doesn't, but that is something which has always identified the Sun - it doesn't think that anyone can genuinely express sorrow for past offences, let alone completely repent and as a result, be forgiven for what they did. It showed that when Learco Chindamo, described by his prison governor as one of the only people he believed had ever been fully reformed by his time spent inside was freed, demanding that he be deported to a country which he had not set foot in since he was a young child.

Regardless of her pleas, Baby Peter's mother is undoubtedly facing a lengthy custodial sentence, not least because no judge will dare to give a derisory one when both public and press anger would be huge were he or she to do so. The Sun, like the tabloid press at large has in the past, seems to want her to go on suffering long after she has been released, as it seems likely she will have to, like Maxine Carr, be given a new identity to save her from vigilantes. Even better, then it can complain about the cost to the public purse of doing so, so it's getting the hatred stirring as soon as it possibly can. All this comes in the same week as it succeeded in contributing to the "distress" of Alfie Patten; not bad work for a paper that claims to always be on the side of the public.


The paper runs a quite wonderful advert for other sections of the News International empire today, with a feature on how not eating like the Simpsons provides a wonderful example. Scraping barrels anyone?

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