Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Paedophiles and crabs, MPs and "gipsies", all the bloody same!

Three cheers for Fergus Shanahan, who says the things that others won't:

MPs, gipsies... they're made for each other

SO our MPs demand second homes? Fine. Stick them in a caravan on an illegal gipsy site.

The gipsies and our crooked MPs should get along just fine together.

Both think they are above the law. Both think rules are for other people. Both dodge paying their taxes.

Both treat honest hard-working taxpayers with sneering contempt.

Why bother making just one sweeping generalisation when you can instead make two? And hey, just to make sure you don't potentially breach the Race Relations Act by making remarks about gypsies as a whole, as they're a protected group, simply call them "gipsies" instead! Tabloid comment at its finest.

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Anonymous said...

The use of the word 'gypsy' (or 'gipsie') by the majority of the public and media annoys me. I think most fail to realise it is in fact racist to call someone that (and I also enjoy asking them if gypsies come from Egypt!).

It's interesting that travellers are a minority most feel it is still acceptable to persecute.