Monday, 1 February 2010

The future of television!

The Sun and Sky are completely separate entities, aren't they? Who could possibly think otherwise? Err, probably everyone, judging by today's completely arslikhan leader on the future of television:

A LUCKY handful saw the future yesterday - and it works!

They were the fans who got into nine pubs around Britain to watch soccer's clash of the giants on 3D Sky television.

The experiment could be just the start. In a few years 2D telly may seem as old-fashioned as the black and white era does today.

Of course, the feeling that you were actually at the match was better for Manchester United fans as their team walloped Arsenal 3-1.

In Manchester they were chanting as the ball whizzed past their beers and into history.

Soon we'll all be singing: "Here 3D Go, Here 3D Go, Here 3D Go!"

Yes, or more likely, we'll have forgotten it within a few years as just another failed gimmick. Still, kind of the Sun to give other space to another Murdoch "innovation", as if it hadn't already hyped up Avatar enough.


D-Notice said...

... and of course the Sun's been hyping the fact that Avatar can be seen in 3D

Tom Evans said...

What a catchy tune. Scans perfectly.