Friday, 8 January 2010

A storm in the propaganda cup.

You get the feeling the Sun isn't even bothering to actually look at the results of its snap poll carried out after the "snowstorm coup". Proof is in today's leader comment:

A STORM in a teacup. A distraction. We're just getting on with business.

Those were the reactions from ministers, including the Prime Minister, to Wednesday's attempted leadership coup.

But however hard Labour try to play it down, the botched plot has been a disaster for the party.

As The Sun predicted, voters have been massively turned off by the spectacle of Labour feuding while we are in recession and at war.

By massively turned off, the Sun presumably means that according to their very own poll, Labour's support has dropped by a truly cataclysmic, err, 1%. By the same yardstick, the botched plot was presumably also a disaster for the Liberal Democrats, whose support also dropped by 1%. The other disaster is the paper's truly terrible graphic depictions of the leaders, with Clegg coming off the worst:

That's Alfred E. Neuman, isn't it?

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Acidfairyy said...

It amuses me that there is no feature of Clegg's that stands out enough to warrant a truly amusing caricature. THAT is why the tabloids don't want him in!