Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sick filmmakers and paying for sex.

Not an entirely serious post today, but it's still a rather curious case of the Sun getting its knickers in a twist:

A SICK filmmaker is urging students to auction their VIRGINITY online and catch their intimate moment on camera.

Cops were called in after complaints about posters around a university trying to recruit an inexperienced couple.

Cameraman Justin Sisely is promising $20,000 AU (£9,380) each to a male and female virgin to appear in his documentary.

And he says he will give the successful couple 90 per cent of any cash they make from their auctions.

Ah yes, a sick filmmaker, taking advantage of virgins by promising them cash for popping their cherries on camera. That reminds of an equally sick moneymaking scheme from 6 years ago:

TODAY The Sun throws down a challenge to the new Big Brother contestants – bonk on telly and win £50,000.

The fourth series of the red-hot reality show starts on Friday and pundits have already predicted it will be the raunchiest so far.

It certainly will be now as the 12 mystery contestants hear about our amazing offer.

The rules are simple — we will give £50,000 to the first Big Brother boy-girl bonk.

We don't care where — in the house, in the garden, in the pool — as long as they get it together.

The judges will be our readers, who will vote in a You The Jury phone poll on whether the couple were making it or faking it.

Both winners will have to get the yes vote in the survey and agree to tell their exclusive story in The Sun when they are evicted.

The Sun then didn't demand that the participants had to be virgins, but apart from that their conditions were rather more onerous than Sisley's. Sadly, no one claimed the cash, and the offer was not as far as I'm aware repeated, just as Sisley's also seems likely to remain unfulfilled, although with the Sun's help in bringing it to greater attention, who knows.


MacGuffin said...

Good post. I do like the way The Sun specifies 'boy-girl bonk' - they couldn't possibly be seen to be encouraging two men to have sex!

D-Notice said...

... or two women for that matter!