Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A sensible point of view

Here's a rare thing: an article in the Sun which I agree with.

In today's Sun Says is the following:
Step too father

ABSENTEE dads must pay their fair share for raising the children they leave behind.

Sadly, many simply refuse to face up to their responsibilities. Bad dads deserve tough penalties.

As a last resort, a court can — rightly — seize their passports and driving licences.

Now the Child Support Agency wants to grab that power for themselves.

This chaotic organisation has a shocking record for incompetence.

It has been known to target decent, hardworking and loving fathers who are doing all they can to pay their way.

Losing your licence can mean losing your job. That’s too harsh a penalty to be dished out by the heavy-handed CSA without higher authority.

The Sun does not appear to have an article on the subject, but the BBC does which confirms the plans.

I have to admit the Sun is correct. Powers of confiscation - and criminal punishments generally - should be decided by an independent Court of Law not by civil servants, nor anyone else for that matter - that's part of the rule of law.

I hope that the Sun has more sensible positions regarding legal issues. Unfortunately, I do not hold out much hope, but would be more than happy to be proven wrong.

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