Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Wii don't believe you

The Sun:
TEN people a week in Britain are hospitalised from playing Wii games.

The growing toll has prompted NHS doctors to warn of the dangers.

Wii-itis sufferers usually have excruciating pain in the right shoulder or knee.

A rheumatology consultant said: “Most are admitted after playing the tennis and running games which involve sudden movements and violent tendon stretching.”

Dr Dev Mukerjee, of Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, Essex, said: “There has been a 100 per cent increase in patients complaining of Wii-itis.

We said we found all this difficult to believe and were going to ask the good doctor for the facts. We did, and Dr Mukerjee has kindly responded with the following.

"I have seen a few injuries related to patients using the Wii.

"I do NOT think its anything to do with the Wii itself, but rather the player over using the device.
There is no epidemic- I used to see 3 or 4 injuries and over the last few months there have been 7 to 10.

"The quote about 10 people admitted to hospital is INCORRECT. 10 people have been seen recently in hospital clinics is the fact.

"Broomfield (hospital) doesn't keep specific Wii stats, but we do have soft tissue rheumatism stats under which this type of injury belongs, and we haven't seen a great rise."

Health & science Editor Emma Morton used to be so full of praise for the Wii too.


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Wii is fucking ace, I've got one so why try and scare people before Xmas is beyond me.

Only danger with a Wii is smashing your house up as you swing your arms around.

Merry Christmas to all at Tabloid Lies.

Phil BC said...

What bollocks. I really hope readers aren't dumb enough to swallow this crap!

Aaron Heath said...

...so why try and scare people before Xmas is beyond me.

Dude, these people have to come up with something if they want to keep their jobs.