Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Homophobia? It's only a joke...

This post is reproduced with kind permission from No Rock and Roll

This is tiresome:

Pineapple Dance Studios star Louie, or Louise as I like to call him

Do you see? Because he's gay, Gordon has given him a woman's name.

Yes, that's tiresome. But this is unacceptable:

Bender it like Beckham

You can't throw a word like "bender" into a headline about a gay man. Not in a newspaper that still pretends it has any sort of standards. Homophobic name-calling isn't the same as a witty headline.

(XRRF has lots more about the quality reporting of Gordon Smart)


Anton Vowl said...

The Sun has form for this, calling Derren Brown a 'mind bender' when they discovered he was gay.

Shez-Anais Chelios said...

Just in the middle of reading Derren Brown's book and he mentions that 'sun' article - that paper is the pits - Derren is great at what he does and his other half looks a really nice bloke!!!!

When he did 'come out' at least he chose to do it through a more intellectual paper, 'The Independent'