Wednesday, 5 August 2009

More double standards.

The latest Sun editorial is disgusted at the silencing of one of our most venerable judges:

THE knives are out for Judge Ian Trigger who spoke so searingly last week about our abject immigration controls.

Judge Trigger lashed out in exasperation about the "hundreds of thousands" of illegal immigrants who abuse our welfare system.

"In the past 10 years the national debt has risen to extraordinary heights, largely because central government has wasted billions of pounds," he said.

Like Army Chief Sir Richard Dannatt's damning words about our armed services, this is the unvarnished truth from an expert witness.

Yet the Lord Chief Justice has ordered a probe into whether Judge Trigger's remarks were "too political".

There can be only one verdict: NOT guilty M'lud.

As Tabloid Watch pointed out last week, Judge Trigger's comments, rather than being the "searingly unvarnished truth", were abject nonsense. Illegal immigrants don't get benefits, as should be painfully obvious, while those who apply for asylum receive almost derisory amounts until their application is accepted, while if their application fails they don't receive money at all, rather vouchers which can be redeemed in exchange for goods and services.

The Sun is as usual letting its prejudices get in the way of its thinking. When judges make rulings and decisions which they disagree with, especially when they give out "soft" sentences, they're outraged, and in the past have demanded that "bad" judges be suspended. Political comment on the other hand, which goes beyond the case which the judge is dealing with, is perfectly all right as long as the paper agrees with it. Nothing quite like double standards, is there?

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