Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Have we got tax for you.

Another day, yet another editorial in the Sun demanding an immediate election. It's worth a mention though because it brings up a subject which the paper very rarely touches on, for good reason:

We cannot continue with a Cabinet - and a Shadow Cabinet - whose members have so many questions over their own tax affairs.

Can the Sun really start talking about tax affairs when Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation as a whole are such notorious tax evaders? Actually, perhaps it's a good idea - if the Sun starts deciding that the tax affairs of politicians are important, then it's surely time that we start asking why and how Murdoch and his papers should have such influence over our politics when they do everything they can to avoid paying their own fair share, while of course lambasting other organisations, such as the BBC, that are funded by taxpayers and which stand in their way of further business opportunities. One can't help but feel that maybe the leader writer might be getting a pointer in not mentioning such sensitive subjects in the future...


Anonymous said...

The Sun dictates how people live, how they think and how they should react.

This is why The Sun is so popular - it is a rag that tweaks the rawest of nerves and those who read rags like that love it. They are speaking for the ordinary man and woman on the street!

Either that or the crossword is too easy.

Sim-O said...

I'm not so sure that the Sun speaks for the ordinary man in the street.
The only time, previous to yourself, I hear that being said is in the Sun itself.

The football and horse racing coverage is good, though, so I'm told.

Scaryduck said...

Also, I gather that they have an ongoing series of attractive photographs of young ladies... oh.