Thursday, 23 April 2009

Analyzing the budget

You Care (on this story in the Sun):
“ALISTAIR Darling today soaked the rich with tax rises — and hit Sun readers with rises in petrol, booze, cigarettes and even bingo to pay for the black hole in Britain’s finances.”

Are their really no high earning Sun readers, well I suppose they know their market better than anyone.

Interesting to watch the Sun in action trying to convince its readers that taxing the rich is a terrible thing to do. They did their best of course in ignoring any potential benefits to its readers of this tax, instead focusing on beer, petrol, and cigarette rises to try and get the people on side in their low taxes for the rich ideals. Coming straight from the top no doubt from the Mr Rupert Murdoch himself who is notoriously shy of paying any tax at all.

Nice to see the Sun showing who they really support whilst pretending to be the newspaper of the working man.

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Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

This is the kinda move the neo-cons pulled off so well in the US, making the middle and working class back tax cuts for the super rich.