Monday, 22 December 2008

Chrismas is a time for giving and for gratitude.

Sometimes you really don't have to add anything to these stories. They speak for themselves. Compare and contrast tomorrow's leader column with today's report regarding the "feast" which the bloodthirsty murderers, psychos and other assorted nutjobs (surely patients? Ed.) at Broadmoor will be receiving over the holiday.

CHRISTMAS is a time for giving — and for gratitude.

This year, many families face worrying challenges. Yet the generosity of the British people — and warm-hearted Sun readers especially — knows no bounds.

They are willing to dig deep, emotionally and financially, for good causes.

So as we do our last-minute shopping, let’s spare a thought and raise a glass to absent friends and those less fortunate than ourselves.

Think of children in care, the poor and the elderly, many spending Christmas alone.

Remember our brave troops who, even as we are toasting good health and a long life, are risking their own under enemy fire.

*continues in phony lachrymose fashion for another 250 words*

KILLER Robert Napper is set to enjoy FOUR DAYS of festive feasting in Broadmoor — as hard-up families struggle with the credit crunch.

Monster Napper, who last week admitted slaughtering young mum Rachel Nickell, will be treated to gourmet menus over Christmas and New Year.

He and other patients at the top-security hospital will be offered mouth-watering fare headed by a full Christmas Day lunch of roast turkey, pud and brandy sauce — served up by nurses in party hats.

Fiends including Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, Cannibal Killer Peter Bryan and Stockwell Strangler Kenneth Erskine can also tuck into full cooked or light breakfasts.

On Boxing Day the 278 patients will lunch on roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

On New Year’s Day they can even have sirloin steak — and there are vegetarian, halal and “healthy option” dishes too. If they are still peckish they can munch a whole range of snacks including quiche, pizza, crisps, drumsticks, mince pies and gateaux.

In between scoffing platefuls many families can only dream of, Napper may find some time to do his job of feeding Broadmoor’s chickens.

Or he may listen to CDs or play games with other patients — many of whom will have used their Government benefits to buy gifts from catalogues.

In wards decorated with images of tinsel, stockings and holly, killers and paedophiles can watch jolly Christmas films on giant flat-screen plasma TVs.

And the highlight of Christmas Day is the awarding of a £50 cash prize to the best-decorated ward.

In contrast, staff get their Christmas dinner a week before December 25 — and have to PAY £7 each for it.

An insider said: “It’s a sick joke that taxpayers’ money ensures evil people eat like lords while staff have to pay. There are pensioners and people who have lost their jobs who just won’t believe these menus.”


Jim Jay said...

I had to read this twice as it doesn't seem to make sense.

Is it really true that many families "can only dream of" crisps? or chicken drumsticks? Is it the tone alone that makes the eating of crisps some sort of scandal?

Is it really a scandal that staff paid for their Xmas meal out? I mean we all paid for our own where I work (which unfortunately was £20 not less than a tenner).

"Fiends" might have a light breakfast? As opposed to what? Acid in the face?

This one was great too - "paedophiles can watch jolly Christmas films" - what should they be watching at Christmas then?

I'm mean they can't seem to get their heads round the fact that Broadmoor is not some sort of house of horrors and tries to normalise its patients rather than torture them.

Sim-O said...

"tries to normalise its patients rather than torture them"

Someone close to me used to work in Rampton, another high security hospital, and just because of the nature of the place, i.e. severe mental health problems, it wasn't a walk in the park for either the nurses or the patients.

septicisle said...

Jim: They also can't seem to get their heads around the fact that Broadmoor is a hospital, albeit one that holds murderers and those convicted of the most serious offences as well as those convicted of none. You have to ask what they should be fed instead - bread and water? Gruel? Is it really so awful that even in prisons they give the inmates something resembling a Christmas dinner at, err, Christmas? Apparently so.

- said...

Hands up all those at the Sun who'd rather have spent Christmas in a mental institution than at home?


Thought not.