Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Would you like any ketchup with that?

Virginia Wheeler. Now there's a reporter that's cropped up before here. And not for good reasons.
This time Virginias' been caught out peddling 'PC gorn mad' rubbish.

The Sun:
THE Red Arrows have been banned from performing at the 2012 London Olympics as they are too BRITISH.

Barmy organisers claim the popular RAF display team’s military background “might offend other nations”.

RAF Red Arrows:
We are very happy to tell you that the story is complete rubbish!

Oh and I would love to see someone eat their computer.
Sun Hack Virginia Wheeler had announce the RED Arrows had been banned from the Olympics opening ceremony for being too British. But They will. When they do, Virginia has said she will eat her computerPicture: Private Eye.


Tim said...

Won't we have to wait until 2012?

Sim-O said...

There is that, but it's not that far off...

Toby said...

Errr, it`s four years and quite possibly a different government off, what are you talking about? I wouldn`t hang Ms. Wheeler out to dry just yet. They do, as I`m sure you`re aware, say a week is a long time in politics. They`ll probably be caled the "peach darts" by then if this government has its way

Sim-O said...

Hi Toby.
Yes it is 4 years away, but Virginia was screaming a 'PC-gorn-mad' story about the red arrows being banned for being too british when it is complete shite.

Whether the Arrows actually do a show or fly-past at the Olympics is another matter and if they actually are banned for being too british then we shall all hail Ms Wheeler as a fortune teller.

But at the moment they have not been banned and it is another lie designed to discredit (as if they need help) the government.