Monday, 13 October 2008

Your names not down. You're not coming in

The Sun. Highly inflential in past general elections.
Is it losing its influence, though? Or are the Tories beginning to think they are, to paraphrase some famous bloke, bigger than god?

Recess Monkey - Tory conference roundup:
The hall was so overcrowded for the Osborne speech that many of the great and good were turned away, not least Rebekah Wade - which won’t help when seeking Murdoch’s backing in an election.

Pandora of the Independent:
On Saturday afternoon, the Parliamentary Golf Society held its annual 10-a-side match against Huntercombe golf club in Henley-On-Thames.

The side, which was made up of the likes of Tim Yeo and The Sun's political editor George Pascoe-Watson, was this year captained by one of Cameron's senior advisors, Andrew Mackay, pictured.

Mackay, however, made a schoolboy error of captaincy by inviting 11 players, meaning they were one man too many. To remedy the situation, he made a bold decision by ruthlessly giving The Sun's political guru Trevor Kavanagh – and arguably Fleet Street's most influential commentator – the axe.

"Poor old Trevor was very honoured to have got the call-up this year, only to be told by Mackay on arrival that the parliamentarians were a man over, and he'd been getting the boot," I'm told.

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